Remzi Tanzania Ltd, was founded in 2010, the company was established to resolve a lots of marketing problems facing different stakeholders in Tanzania and beyond.

As a result Remzi has provide solution to Forever Living Products Tanzania.

Remzi Managing Directors:

Ricky Renson {BA, Developing Countries Studies and Economics} and Beatrice Mumba Renson {Msc, Systems Engineering}

Founders/Pioneers, of Forever Living products in Tanzania (sells wellness and beauty products)

In Tanzania alone we managed to recruit over 40,000 distributors in our team.

Joined Forever Living products September 2005 in UK, unquestionably the best move we have ever made career wise as well as the best opportunity in the 21st century especially in Africa.

Six years on we have built a strong solid business, span in over 10 countries across the world

In Tanzania we have sales of over 7 billion Tanzania shillings a year, the second largest Taxpayer Company in Temeke region.

Within Forever we have traveled the world and experienced new cultures, meet new people and learn so much along the way.

We strongly believe that we can make a difference in most companies in Tanzania offshore and onshore, which are aggressive to grow and acquiring substantial share in the market.

By our professionalism, which we got through marketing Forever Living Products, within a very short time of period we manage to recruit more than 300 Vodacom M-Pesa agents, 98% are active.

For all these years we have made performance exceeded all expectations of the Board of Directors, hence we extremely believe will give solutions to both local and foreign investors in Tanzania.

Remzi Co Ltd. Will have the opportunity to prove the capability of our services, educate the potential clients and establish customer relationship, for this reason meeting the ever growing demand.

Our Vision Statement:

Remzi mission is to provide the best services at minimum time and cost, exceeding our customer’s expectations, Relationships and expertise in this respect among the influencers and decision makers in Tanzania market that will allow our rapid growth and exposure, thus achieving a big market share.

Remzi Mission Statement:

Having lived and worked in United Kingdom for so many years, as well as having businesses in different countries, working with International companies which believe in good company ethics, we strongly believe that we can do things different and more professional.

Being able to help so many people (investing in people) in our network is the legacy we will be proud to leave behind.

Remzi Co Ltd believes in the development of long-term client relationships based upon the integrity of our employees who will always strive to supply our client a high quality genuine and competitive service.

Moving to the future:

To provide superior levels of customers satisfaction, focusing on specific customer requirements, offering customer value proposition that is mutually rewarding.

We will avoid dependence on specific businesses; geographical area and markets but explore a wider exposure to meet customer needs.

Management believes that there are untapped market opportunities.

Goals & Objectives:

We intend to expand by having branches all over Tanzania regions.

Our motto “Effort is important but where to direct the Effort, makes all the difference”.